UFC 283 Staff Picks & Predictions: Teixeira Will Prove Age Is Nothing But A Number

UFC 283 Staff Picks & Predictions: Teixeira Will Prove Age Is Nothing But A Number

The UFC light heavyweight title is on the line in Rio de Janeiro this Saturday. Competing for the belt are former champion Glover Teixeira and emerging Jamahal Hill.

Teixeira has been here before, winning the title from Jan Blachowicz at UFC 267 in 2021. It’s new territory for Hill, though, who has headlined just twice before and has never fought outside of the US.

The BE staff primarily think Teixeira will raise his hand on Saturday night, due to his experience and versatility. However, there are many others who think that Hill’s creativity and ultimate power could be enough to make him a UFC champion.

You can see our picks below. Don’t forget to add yours in the comments too!

Glover Teixeira vs. Jamahal Hill

Anton Tabuena: Teixeira should be the most well-rounded and technical MMA fighter by far. Normally he wouldn’t hesitate to pick a guy with all those advantages, but he’s 43 and just went through a war with Prochazka. Hill is strong and hits hard, and with an aging fighter, sometimes that’s all you need. I can see this going either way, and I’m honestly leaning towards Hill, but I’d hate myself if I didn’t pick Glover and win again. I’m rooting for the old man to hold his own against father time long enough to win another belt. Glover Teixeira by technical knockout.

Zane Simon: In terms of technical class, Teixeira really ranks above Hill. Even just as a striker, he is a more varied striker, more nuanced and more defensively responsible. He is also much slower. Against wilder fighters, Teixeira has done that job by being ready to take advantage of every wild mistake and secure the entry. But Hill’s game is pretty simple with jabs, kicks and 1-2. If he can stay in range of him without getting into the clinch, chances are he can really turn Teixeira on early and hurt him. If he doesn’t finish it there, then there’s a good chance Teixeira will pick up and start taking him down for a late stoppage, but I’ll take it. Jamahal Hill via TKO, round 1.

Victor Rodriguez:

I feel like Glover should absolutely win by being more technical with his boxing and having a great ground game. And yet I can’t shake the feeling that Hill can turn this fight around or end it with just a few touches. Not only can Glover be touched, he’s been touched before and put to sleep. Lasted. I’m not saying this as a blow or anything, it’s just what we’ve seen. But we’ve also seen the resurgence of him as a much more tactical fighter with better defense than the guy who got knocked down and nearly eliminated by Karl Roberson and co. Because if that guy goes up there against Hill, he’s going to get really hurt. I’m going to say instead, we’ll get the guy we saw against Big Jan and we fought smart and stayed fresh. And that guy wears capes to beat the young gunslinger. Glover Teixeira by technical knockout.

Staff selecting Teixeira: Bissell, Lewis, Anton, Kristen, Stephie, Victor
Staff picking Hill: Eddie, Chris, Dayne, Zane


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