Triston Casas open to extension talks with Red Sox

Triston Casas open to extension talks with Red Sox

triston houses, seen as a future cornerstone at first base for Boston, spoke with’s Rob Bradford this weekend and expressed his willingness to discuss a long-term contract extension with the Red Sox. Unfortunately, those talks haven’t really gotten off the ground in any way…

“No. None at all,” Casas told Bradford. “I have not thought about that. No one has approached me about it. And my reps haven’t even mentioned it to [Red Sox GM Chaim Bloom] or anyone in the main office. I’m just focused on playing this year and we’ll see where it goes. It happens, it happens. I would love to stay in Boston for the rest of my life. I love the city in the little taste I have of it. I don’t know any other place and I don’t want to. We’ll see what happens in a couple of years. Hopefully we do something, but if we don’t, we’ll go from there.”

The idea here would be to lock Casas through all of his pre-arbitration, arbitration-eligible years and probably also buy at least a couple of free agency seasons. Bradford takes note of the “surge of seven-year or longer deals” the Braves have pulled off with players like spencer straddle, michael harris, austin riley, Ozzie AlbiesY Ronald Acuna Jr.

Many of those extensions were, and are, seen as extremely computer-friendly in the industry. And there’s no natural comparison between any of them and what the Red Sox might be looking to do with Casas. He has appeared in only 27 major league games to this point and will still have rookie status in the 2023 campaign. Albies, for example, signed his seven-year, $35 million deal with Atlanta in April 2019, and has already registered over 215 games at the highest level of baseball. Ke’Bryan HayesThe Pirates’ long-term hope at third base signed an eight-year, $70 million deal with Pittsburgh last April, exactly 120 games into his MLB career.

Casas displayed some good power in his early taste of major league action down the stretch in 2022, hitting five home runs with a .766 OPS in 95 plate appearances. Of course, his batting average was only .197. Prior to his promotion on Sept. 4, the 23-year-old consensus top-35 prospect posted a .273/.382/.481 batting line in 317 plate appearances at Triple-A Worcester.

Maybe something can get going on the extension front when Casas arrives at Red Sox camp in the spring. Or the wait could be a little longer than that. But the goal is to make sure he doesn’t run away from the organization like Xander Bogarts made or built the type of bargaining power of a rafael deverswho commanded ten years, $313.5MM in new money from the Sox earlier this month.

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