Tired of tea bags?  This kitchen appliance brews luxurious full-leaf tea in just 90 seconds.

Tired of tea bags? This kitchen appliance brews luxurious full-leaf tea in just 90 seconds.

Ninety seconds… more like nine seconds of tea!

As a tea lover, I have always felt that coffee always takes center stage. There is no ‘tea equivalent’ to Starbucks, the alternative to instant coffee is the tea bag, which tastes terrible… and even Keurig and Nespresso haven’t figured out how to automate the tea-making process perfectly. However, Affinitea Brewing System hopes to at least fill that gap. Designed as a stylish tabletop appliance, the Affinitea brewing system brews you a luxurious cup of loose leaf tea in just 90 seconds. The Clearview reusable chamber takes care of all aspects, from stirring, pressurizing and steeping the tea brew, before straining and dispensing directly into your cup. The patented chamber uses pressure + agitation to perfectly manage the steeping cycle, creating a brew that has fewer tannins (the chemical that creates that bitter aftertaste) while extracting maximum flavor.

Designers: Anthony Priley and Robert Schwartz

Click here to buy now: $179 $340 (47% discount). Hurry, only 6/15 left!

Full Leaf Tea: The larger the leaf, the higher the quality of the tea. The Affinitea is specifically designed to steep high quality full leaf tea in seconds.

The Affinitea is a smart tabletop appliance not unlike a Nespresso or Keurig…yet it’s designed to brew premium tea with remarkable consistency in less than 90 seconds. A water chamber on the left holds 2 liters of fresh water for use by Affinitea, and the simple control panel on the right lets you select temperature, strength and cup size to give you a flavorful infusion. constant every time. An LCD screen just above the control panel lets you view and confirm your choices, and once you load the sheets into the Affinitea and tell it to start brewing, the machine lets you watch the whole process unfold right before your eyes. thanks to its Clearview preparation camera that allows you to see the magic!

Step 1 – Open the portion pack and pour the contents into the Clear-View Reusable Brew Prep Chamber.

Step 2 – Select the consistency setting and start the preparation.

Step 3 – Enjoy your gourmet cup of hot or iced RTD beverages.

What Affinitea really does well (in order to deliver its luxurious-tasting end product) is the fact that it uses whole leaf tea instead of the kind of tea you’d find in tea bags. The longer leaves help retain more flavor and nuance, unlike the tiny granules or powdered tea leaves found in tea bags. Affinitea Brewing System comes with its own subscription service, allowing you to choose from a whole variety of different herbal and tea blends. Subscription entitles you to 50 pre-measured single-serving packets of exotic tea blends in 4 different varieties each month, with new seasonal blends and recipes to match. You can choose to brew your teas hot or cold, and Affinitea even allows you to use your own tea leaves or tea bags to make your own infusions, though their full-leaf tea blends come highly recommended by tea aficionados and experts alike. . ! The Affinitea Brewing System starts at $179 for Kickstarter backers and is bundled with a 3-month subscription to their exotic luxury tea program. Continue the subscription for just $20 per month and enjoy this exotic luxury tea program for just $0.40 per cup. Now that’s a vacation in a mug!

Click here to buy now: $179 $340 (47% discount). Hurry, only 6/15 left!

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