This quaint cafe in Ho Chi Minh City with double bunk beds literally lets you drink your coffee in bed

This quaint cafe in Ho Chi Minh City with double bunk beds literally lets you drink your coffee in bed

Housed in an old apartment building in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City is the quaint and cozy Chidori Cafe. Designed by Studio Anettai, the cafe is miles away from the typical trendy cafes you find today, instead it is a warm and welcoming space that allows you to kick back, relax and take a deep breath away from the hectic city life. . It provides younger generations with an engaging and safe space to connect and engage.

Designer: Anettai Studio

The cafe is surrounded by quintessential Vietnamese houses on both sides, and has been built on what was once a conventional tube house. The entire cafe is marked by beautiful modern materials – you can see that wood and bricks are used extensively, as well as soft ambient lighting. The most interesting and charming feature of the cafeteria are the rows of wide double berths that have been integrated in place of the typical cafeteria-style seating. Studio Anettai has abandoned the traditional tables and chairs and instead has created semi-private modules that allow clients to relax and enjoy a moment of peace. Zigzag brick walls are interspersed with a series of openings, giving the space a sense of privacy. The wide berths have been laminated with wood, while the interior of the cabin has been finished with synthetic leather, creating a space that really feels comfortable and welcoming.

The cafe site is quite isolated and separated from the rest of the city. It is defined by multiple narrow alleys that are called ‘hems’. These hems are responsible for creating urban blocks quite fragmented and separated from the city. By creating a cafĂ© in such a location, the studio has attempted to reconnect this fragmented space with the rest of the city, in turn encouraging the old and the new to merge and merge. Chidori is meant to be a ‘home away from home’ for today’s youth, providing them with a modern yet homey space.

The exterior of the cafe was designed to blend in harmoniously with its surroundings. Materials such as brick tiles, beige stucco-like plaster, and ventilation blocks were used. These materials are seen quite often in traditional Vietnamese construction, allowing the structure to blend in quite well with its urban landscape. The cafe is a soulful space to just lie in bed and have a cup of coffee, especially if you need a break from the constant hustle and bustle of the city!

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