Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes attempted to ‘flee the country’ after conviction, prosecutors say

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes attempted to ‘flee the country’ after conviction, prosecutors say

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes attempted to flee the country shortly after her conviction last year for defrauding investors over the company’s blood-testing technology, according to a court filing on Friday.

Prosecutors said Holmes booked a one-way flight to Mexico scheduled to depart on January 26, 2022, weeks after her conviction, without a return trip, according to a California federal court filing in which they argued that she represents a flight risk. .

“The government became aware on January 23, 2022 that defendant Holmes booked an international flight to Mexico departing on January 26, 2022, with no return flight scheduled,” the court filing says. “Only after the government raised this unauthorized flight with the defense attorney was the trip cancelled.”


Elizabeth Holmes arrives at court

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes arrives at federal court in San Jose, Calif., Monday, Oct. 17, 2022. In a court filing Friday, prosecutors said Holmes booked a one-way flight to Mexico and represents a flight risk. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu / AP News Room)

The filing says Holmes’ husband, William Evans, still made the trip but did not return to the US for about six weeks, doing so from another continent.

In an email exchange presented as evidence, Holmes’ attorney, Lance Wade, said the trip to Mexico was booked ahead of the guilty verdict.

“The hope was that the verdict would be different and Ms. Holmes would be able to make this trip to attend the wedding of close friends in Mexico,” he wrote. “Given the verdict, she does not plan to make the trip and, therefore, she did not notify, request permission or request access to her (the government’s) passport for the trip.”

FOX Business has reached out to Wade for comment.

elizabeth holmes

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes gestures as she speaks at a Wall Street Journal technology conference in Laguna Beach, California. (Glenn Chapman/AFP via Getty Images/Getty Images)

The filing indicated that prosecutors anticipate Holmes will argue that she did not leave the country, but that “it is difficult to know for sure what the defendant would have done if the government had not intervened.”

Holmes, who is pregnant, was sentenced in November to 11 years in prison for defrauding investors of hundreds of millions of dollars while running her failed blood-testing company, Theranos. She is scheduled to report to prison on April 27.

She has tried to remain free while her appeal goes through the courts, which prosecutors argue should be denied. They said Holmes should start serving her sentence instead of living in a property where monthly expenses exceed $13,000.

“There are not two justice systems, one for the rich and one for the poor, there is one criminal justice system in this country,” the prosecutors wrote. “And under that system, the time has come for Elizabeth Holmes to answer for the crimes she committed nearly a decade ago.”


Holmes founded Theranos after dropping out of Stanford University and wowed Silicon Valley and investors alike with the promise that Theranos technology could diagnose a variety of diseases with just a few drops of blood from a patient instead of the traditional vials of blood drawn from a patient’s vein.

She became a billionaire on paper after raising more than $900 million from investors, but things started to unravel in 2015 after The Wall Street Journal exposed that Theranos was using traditional machines for its tests instead of its own technology. .

David Aaro of Fox Business contributed to this report.

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