The perfect smart lamp for 2023: Moonside Neon Crystal Cube is a stylish, modular lamp with a vibrant character

The perfect smart lamp for 2023: Moonside Neon Crystal Cube is a stylish, modular lamp with a vibrant character

It’s like looking into a rectangular portal that leads into a prismatic psychedelic world. I wish I was exaggerating.

With a total of 172 individually addressable LEDs on both the front and back, the neon glass cube lights up together to create some of the most beautiful gradients and patterns you’ll ever see. The device comes from the folks at Moonside, who designed the “lava lamp on steroids” we introduced in early 2021. I still use my own Moonside neon headlamp every day as a mood light to fill my room with a soft wash of intermixed colors. . It’s the perfect way to make you feel relaxed and finally fall asleep, although the main problem I’ve had with the Neon Lighthouse is the fact that it’s extremely prone to accidentally falling over. The Neon Crystal Cube, however, fixes that with its stable, sleek, rectangular design… but that’s not the only part. The Neon Crystal Cube is also designed to create more complex light patterns, using both front and back lighting. It responds to music, has a host of customizable presets, and can be connected to many other Neon Crystal Cubes to create a modular panel of psychedelic pixels. Touted as a smart lamp too, the Neon Crystal Cube integrates with your smart home ecosystem and features compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, and even the emerging Universal Matter protocol.

Designer: ZK Wong

Click here to buy now: $78 $109 (28% discount). Hurry, only 2/60 left!

360 degree dynamic lighting angle: no dark spots around.

The Neon Crystal Cube is the fourth in Moonside’s series of smart LED lamps. Its brick-like design might fool the casual onlooker, but turn it on and the thing comes to life, glowing in a rainbow of different, ever-changing colors that are diffused by an internal film and then refracted by the glass slab in the interior. forehead. . The 32 LEDs on the back of the Neon Crystal Cube also create a halo effect on the wall just behind it, extending the light show to your wall for maximum appeal.

The Moonside Smart App – Control the color and brightness of each LED pixel in your light.

The lamp can be controlled via the remote attached to its power cord, or via an app that lets you choose colors, create your own custom patterns, or dive into the Moonside team’s extensive catalog of presets… or Alternatively, you can connect the Neon Crystal Cube to your smart home network to do things like sync it up with your bedtime routine, your alarm clock, or better yet, your music app. A built-in microphone turns the Neon Crystal Cube into your personal visualizer that reacts and responds to the music you play, creating light effects that match the genre and intensity of the sound, whether it’s Beethoven or Boombox Cartel.

Modular interchangeable glass cover: turn the smart lamp into a unique decorative lighting work of art.

However, the most underrated feature of the Neon Crystal Cube is its modular nature that works both intrinsically and extrinsically. Inherently, the Neon Crystal Cube features interchangeable crystal covers that help refract light differently. You can grab flat, ridged, ribbed, or wavy glass covers, and they all refract LEDs differently, creating new patterns of light. Extrinsically, however, the Neon Crystal Cube’s modular approach means you can connect multiple units together to respond as a single “organism”. Borrowing a feature from Moonside Neon Hex (their modular wall lights), the Neon Crystal Cube allows you to stack and connect multiple cubes, sort of like creating your own LED brick wall. You can do this to suit your space requirements, or better yet, coordinate lighting between two cubes to create the perfect background for product photography.

The customizable LEDs in the Neon Crystal Cube are perfect for product photography (or even creating viral TikToks) without an expensive lighting setup. Each neon glass cube starts at a fairly low price of $78, with two packs going for $152. Your neon glass cube ships with the glass cover of your choice (you can get extra textured covers as an add-on) along with a power cord, smart controller, and microfiber cleaning cloth. The app is still completely free and can be installed on both Android and iOS devices.

160 Individually Addressable LEDs – Turn your light into an animated display with endless animated lighting effects.

We’ve covered our fair share of smart lamps in the past, even more so since CES was full of them, but what really stands out with the Neon Crystal Cube (and all Moonside products) is how remarkable they look when turned on. until. Most smart bulbs don’t come with individually addressable LEDs, but that seems to be the Neon Cube’s most impressive feature. The entire panel glows with gradients that look completely unreal, and now with built-in backlighting and modularity, you can design your own vivid smart lamp to illuminate your space—even more so if you’re a gamer, YouTube/Twitch streamer, or vlogger.

Click here to buy now: $78 $109 (28% discount). Hurry, only 2/60 left!

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