The Best TV Bromances, Ranked

The Best TV Bromances, Ranked

There’s nothing quite like seeing two men acting like close friends, and TV shows have depicted many manly friends with spectacular energy over the years.

From old friends to synergistic co-workers, many television bromances presented audiences with many wonderful moments, making viewers want to tune in more than the actual romantic couples brewing on the sidelines. In honor of these dynamic duos, here are the TV bromances that gave audiences around the world friendship goals.

7. Fry and Bender (Futurama)

The day Fry arrived in the year 3000, he ran into Bender on the street while trying to use a suicide booth. Ever since Fry saved Bender and helped him find a new purpose in life, the two have remained inseparable.

Despite Bender’s many heinous actions towards Fry, these two have remained the best of friends, doing their best to love and support each other. Fry was even willing to spend the rest of his life searching for Bender after the latter was lost in space, proving that not even the universe itself could keep them apart.

6. Fez and Kelso (That ’70s Show)

Fez and Kelso sit in a circle on

In That 70’s Show, Eric and his group of friends were already very close, but Fez and Kelso were arguably the closest to each other. Although the two started out as competitors for Jackie’s love, they became the best of friends as the show progressed, even moving into an apartment together.

Kelso would often help Fez pick up women and guide him through his relationships, and Fez would always help Kelso with his ridiculously dangerous antics. Sometimes they ended up fighting over the same woman, but no one came between these two for long.

5. Roy and Moss (The IT Crowd)

Roy and Moss in

These two IT guys often have fun together at their dead-end jobs in the basement of Reyholm Industries. Although they usually play video games or watch movies, Roy and Moss end up getting into all sorts of unusual situations, including becoming unwitting accomplices in a bank robbery and spending a night with a cannibal.

Although Roy doesn’t always treat Moss well, he still guides his socially awkward friend through the problems of his daily life. In return, Moss always does everything he can to help Roy out of any mess, even making out with him to hide from the police.

4. Jake and Boyle (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Charles Boyle has long been Jake’s wingman and hype man, both on and off the field, but Jake has proven to be just as supportive of his best friend. Each of them is always there to provide moral support to the other, with Jake guiding Charles and preventing him from going “fully Boyle”.

However, Boyle has been known to become obsessed with Jake’s social and romantic life to a creepy degree. At times, it seems like Boyle’s friendship with Jake has consumed all of his identity, but Boyle has still been able to hold his own whenever Jake messes up or goes too far with his antics. Despite their clashes, the two remain brothers in arms.

3. Joey and Chandler (Friends)

Joey and Chandler sitting on the floor in Friends.

At first, Chandler didn’t like Joey as his roommate, but the duo quickly bonded and became the best of friends (pun here). Joey often pushes Chandler out of his comfort zone and makes him try new things, intentionally or accidentally, adding to their friendship.

Although Joey and Chander have been known to fight over things as trivial as a chair, their friendship has always endured in the end, as Chandler is willing to do anything to prove how much their friendship means to Joey, including locking himself in a box.

2. Jerry and George (Seinfeld)

George and Jerry talk on Seinfeld.

These two high school friends enriched the lives of countless television audiences as they spent their adult days in Jerry’s apartment or Monk’s diner. Sharing a love of superheroes, baseball, and complaining about every detail of their lives, Jerry and George help each other as they navigate the dizzying complexities of modern society.

They can occasionally screw each other over with their self-centered escapades, but no matter what they do, these two sons are bonded for life.

1. Troy and Abed (Community)

Troy and Abed holding coffee cups in

Danny Pudi and Donald Glover’s chemistry on the set of Community led to their characters becoming one of the best things on the Dan Harmon show. The duo frequently get into all sorts of mischief that is joined in by their friends and sometimes by everyone in Greendale.

Whether they’re building giant blanket forts, acting like police detectives, pretending the ground is lava, observing space-time inspectoror just messing around in their Dreamatorium, Troy and Abed’s friendship has been the source of many of the show’s best moments, which makes it heartbreaking to see the duo part ways in Season 5.

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