TALK TO ME is an awesome horror movie that offers a great and scary story!  — Tyrant Geek

TALK TO ME is an awesome horror movie that offers a great and scary story! — Tyrant Geek

Every time I go to Sundance, the movies I look forward to seeing the most are horror movies. I love that genre, and there’s always a mix of them at the film festival. Nothing really stood out to me for the first half of the festival, and then I saw the movie. tell meand it totally blew me away!

While the movie produced some serious goosebumps, I walked out of the theater with a huge smile on my face! This movie is about the occult, and I have my own ideas about movies that try to play with witchcraft and the occult. I feel like a lot of the movies that have been made in the past miss the mark, especially when they involve teenagers. But, this one nails it! tell me he played with some great ideas and executed them perfectly.

tell me is an incredibly scary supernatural horror thriller and one of my favorite films of the festival so far. It provided some crazy nightmarish thrills, but most importantly the story was great, well written and the characters were well rounded and developed properly.

The film centers on a group of teenagers having fun and rushing to conjure spirits and get possessed by them. Yes, it sounds like fun. “Conjuring spirits has become the latest local party craze, and looking for a distraction on the anniversary of the death of her mother, teenager Mia (sophie wilde) is determined to get a piece of the otherworldly action. When his group of friends gather for another unruly séance with the mysterious hand embalmed that promises a direct line to the spirits, they are unprepared for the consequences of breaking the rules through prolonged contact. As the boundary between worlds crumbles and disturbing otherworldly visions haunt Mia more and more, she races to undo the horrible damage before it is irreversible.

I loved how the filmmakers handle all the horror elements of the movie. It was legitimately scary stuff and it all served the purpose of the story. The scares weren’t just thrown in for the sake of it, they helped move the story forward in heartbreaking and interesting ways. There were also some cool makeup effects created for the movie for the ghosts these teens encounter over the course of the movie, along with some other brutal stuff that happens.

The film comes from the filmmaking duo (and twin brothers) Danny Y miguel philippou from the @RackaRacka YouTube channel, and the description says that “they suspend us in the realm of forebodings and nightmares making the most of their twisted propensity for the surreal and grotesque. Effortlessly blending the spookiness of a ghost tale with the modern sensibility of a horror thriller for the Insta generation, tell me exposes a strange reality in which the dead wander eerily close to the living.”

tell me it’s an incredibly funny and genuinely scary horror movie that’s easily marketable. This is a must see horror movie and deserves a big theatrical release! I could see this being a very successful horror movie if marketed right and could even be the start of a new horror movie franchise! This is a movie you don’t want to miss!

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