Studio supra-simplicities micro-cabin rotates for living flexibility

Studio supra-simplicities micro-cabin rotates for living flexibility

Studio Supra-Simplicities proposes an evolving microcabin

On a rapidly rotating screen, this microscale cabin it shifts its program on its axis to integrate three different ‘scenes’ of life on one small platform. Studio Supra-Simplicities conceptualizes ‘3 Home Scenes’ to compactly integrate sleeping, eating and laundry spaces into a mechanism that marks a sophisticated integration between the typical program of the house and the theatrical performance of a stage.

Eliminating the need for unnecessary circulation spaces and infusing a distinctive dynamic character, the structure maximizes your internal mobility and living flexibility, while sitting with a micro-footprint. It minimizes external impact by covering only a small plot in the natural landscape and recycles rainwater for daily use through its rooftop collection system.

3 Home Scenes: This Studio Supra-Simplicities micro-cabin rotates theatrically to optimize living flexibility
the three home scenes | all images by Studio Supra-Simplicities

a theatrical mechanism maximizes mobility

In an effort to efficiently optimize the quality of life within a micro-scale home with as little space as possible, Studio Supra-Simplicities condenses all programs into three fundamental scenes, or so-called rooms. A bedroom, a kitchen and dining space and a bathroom are compactly encapsulated within the cylindrical wooden volume. By implementing a rotating stage mechanism, scenes are integrated together and fixed on the turntable as a theatrical scene changing system. In doing so, the architects they can omit any unnecessary transition spaces, such as corridors or vestibules between rooms. All transitions from one scene to another are therefore only based on the rotary mechanism, offering a playful, dynamic and efficient home quality.

At the entrance, a shoebox volume is connected to the cylinder, separating the entire cabin into Front of House, the space that opens to natural light, and Back of House, spaces that hide in darkness. Each scene can only be used while pivoting to connect with the front, resembling the function of a theater stage.

a scene-changing home 3 scenes of home: this micro-booth from Studio Supra-Simplicities rotates theatrically to optimize living flexibility to optimize living flexibility 3
scene one: sleeping

a minimal footprint with a rainwater harvesting system

In addition to the three-scene revolving mechanism, Studio Supra-Simplicities installs a rainwater harvesting system to collect and store rainwater for residents’ daily use. Without any power consumption, the system is primarily gravity driven and consists of a rainwater collection tank, vortex filter, and drainage pipes that help filter out most of the harmful particles. Subsequently, the clean water will be purified to drinkable quality through reverse osmosis devices, generating the supply for the different scenarios. Eventually, all wastewater flows into a centralized aggregation of sewage pipes, which connect to an underground septic tank for storage and further treatment.

The conceptual design is a proposal for Buildner’s MicroHome 2023 competition edition, and was awarded as an honorable mention by the jury.

3 Home Scenes: This Studio Supra-Simplicities micro-cabin rotates theatrically to optimize living flexibility
scene two: dining room

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