‘Rick and Morty’ will continue without the voice of Rick and Morty

‘Rick and Morty’ will continue without the voice of Rick and Morty

Following a domestic abuse charge and multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, Adult Swim has cut ties with Justin Roiland, the voice of both. rick and mortywith the show ready to go on without him.

In the aftermath of the domestic abuse charge being made public, a wave of allegations against the voice actor has since surfaced, with accusers posting disturbing text messages allegedly sent by Roiland, and fans reposting old clips of him. making disturbing comments about underage girls. .

The general assumption was that rick and morty it was likely to be cancelled, with much of the fanbase celebrating the end of Roiland’s career, even if the show would be lost.

Judging by the anecdotal responses to the allegations, Roiland appears to be the latest example of a known predator in the entertainment industry, possibly an open secret for years.

On twitterAdult Swim clarified that the show would continue without him, which makes sense, considering Adult Swim isn’t even halfway through its 70-episode order for the show (which is one of the brand’s most popular titles).

But the announcement surprised many commentators, many of whom made memes suggesting that Rick and Morty’s replacement would inevitably sound bad; others broken jokes about the role going to the chronically miscast Chris Pratt, the new voice of Super Mario.

Roiland’s distinctive voice was one of the hallmarks of rick and morty, with Roiland infusing his performance with nervous stutters, high-pitched screams, and the occasional belch. Roiland also voiced several of the show’s supporting characters; he was so vital to rick and morty as Dan Castellaneta is for The Simpsons.

As many have pointed out, rick and morty the voices aren’t particularly difficult to imitate, and fans have been known to try to imitate the two characters.

many have pointed to the amazing talents of TikTok creator @seankellysays, who is somehow able to make a perfect Morty and a pretty solid Rick.

Dan Harmon, co-creator of rick and morty, he can also make a surprisingly good impression of Rick. But Roiland’s chaotic energy and outlandish improvisation will be very difficult to replicate, so whatever happens, the show will have to undergo some sort of metamorphosis.

Roiland’s stuttering voice, featured in Adventure time, Gravity Fallsand recently, the video game high up in life, it was starting to squeak anyway; her trick was getting stale.

rick and morty has the advantage of a multiverse, along with the endless possibilities of science fiction, so there’s always the opportunity to reboot any of the characters with a completely different tone and interpretation, and explain the difference through a universe identity. alternative or a voice modulator.

While the allegations against Roiland are deeply disturbing and disappointing, it’s nice to know that those who work on the show will be able to keep their jobs and that the titular couple will continue their adventures without him.

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