Priyanka Chopra responds to criticism for using a surrogate child

Priyanka Chopra responds to criticism for using a surrogate child

When Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas announced the birth of their daughter Malti Marie last year, the couple was inundated with unrequited criticism for using a surrogate mother. However, now, Chopra has confirmed that surrogacy was medically necessary for her.

“I had medical complications,” she told Vogue in an interview published Thursday. “I’m so grateful to have been in a position where I could do this. Our surrogate mother was very generous, kind, charming and funny, and she took care of this precious gift for us for six months ”.

The actress also directly addressed the anger she faced for choosing surrogacy.

“You don’t know me,” Chopra said. “You don’t know what I’ve been through. And just because I don’t want to make my medical history public, or that of my daughter, does not give you the right to invent the reasons that were.

She added: “I have developed tough skin when people talk about me. But it’s so painful when they talk about my daughter. I’m like, ‘Keep her out of this.’ I know what it felt like to hold her little hands when they were trying to find her veins. So no, she’s not going to be a gossip.”

Chopra noted that she has been “really protective” because “it’s not just about my life. It’s hers too. Explaining that they chose not to address the critics at the time because they were dealing with more serious issues related to the health of her daughter.

Malti was born prematurely and gave birth a trimester earlier than expected. Chopra told Vogue that he was in the operating room for Malti’s birth, that she was “smaller than my hand,” adding that the intensive care unit nurses did “God’s work.”

She said she couldn’t believe nurses could even find “what they needed” to intubate Malti, who was so fragile she had to be taken regularly to the neonatal intensive care unit at Rady Children’s Hospital in La Jolla and Cedars-Sinai. in Los Angeles, California for approximately three months.

“I didn’t know if she would make it or not,” Chopra said.

Chopra married Jonas in separate Hindu and Christian ceremonies in 2018, allowing both faiths to be represented. Chopra was crowned Miss World in 2000, and Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers triumvirate, was overjoyed as they celebrated Malti’s first birthday.

“We had to celebrate,” Jonas told Kelly Clarkson during an appearance on her talk show last week. “She went through a pretty wild ride early on in her life, so we had to celebrate in style. she is a She is beautiful. She is amazing, the best”.

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