Patrick Beverley’s halftime talk leads Lakers to improbable win

Patrick Beverley’s halftime talk leads Lakers to improbable win

PORTLAND, Ore. – With his team down 25 points at the half after being outscored 45-13 by the Trail Blazers in the second quarter, Los Angeles Lakers coach Darvin Ham kept his comments to his team brief during halftime.

“Darvin walked out of here and said, ‘Everyone realizes this,'” Dennis Schroder said after the Lakers’ improbable 121-112 victory on Sunday.

Ham’s departure provided an opportunity for Lakers guard Patrick Beverley to share a message that resonated with the group at the impromptu players’ meeting.

“I told the guys, ‘Just step up our style,'” said Beverley, who had a plus-minus of plus-27 in the 29 minutes he was in the game. “Understand that we are lucky to play a game that gives us stability to take care of our families, to be able to live a lifestyle, a lucky lifestyle that many people dream of.

“So regardless of what’s going on, have fun with this s—. Stay cocky. That was my message, we went out and responded.”

The Blazers outscoring the Lakers by 32 in the second quarter was the largest margin of any NBA team in any quarter this season. What came next was one of the biggest turnarounds in Lakers franchise history: tied for the second-largest halftime deficit overcome to win, behind only LA’s 28-point comeback against the Dallas Mavericks in December. from 2002.

Beverley, who was called for a technical foul in the second quarter for talking to Damian Lillard while the Blazers star was at the foul line, continued to talk on the court in the second half, backing him up with ferocious throws. . defending.

“I think it’s inspiring, man,” Ham said of Beverley. “When you come out on this court at this level, you have to feel like you’re one of the best … and believe it. And he’s been consistent in that regard, in terms of trying to create a spark.”

“We’ve brought him here to be a defensive shaker on behalf of the Lakers in a good way. And he has. And he was on display tonight as well.”

LA outscored Portland 75-41 after halftime, and when it appeared the comeback was nearly complete, Beverley mocked Lillard’s signature wrist tap “Give me time” by flicking her own wrist and beginning to punch it, imitating as if the watch he was wearing outside broken and then pretends to take it off and put it in his pocket.

“I mean, that’s PB,” Schroder said with a laugh when asked about Beverley’s wristwatch mistake. “That’s what he does. He lives for those moments and has been doing it his entire career. So you can’t blame him.”

LA shot 56.5% in the second half and held the Blazers to 30.8% shooting.

“They started to smell blood and LeBron [James] I just kept attacking, I kept attacking,” Blazers coach Chauncey Billups said of the change in energy in the third quarter. “We were a little bit vulnerable and then it became a game.”

James scored 20 of his 37 points in the second half, going into the lane again and again and finishing.

“You can go out there and lie down and get ready for the next game or you can see what can happen in the third quarter and make it a game,” James said. “And for us as competitors and our team and our composition this year, we’re not a relaxed team. It’s just not the composition of our club.”

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