Monterey Park shooting: celebrity reactions to the tragedy

Monterey Park shooting: celebrity reactions to the tragedy

Actors Simu Liu, George Takei, Ken Jeong, Olivia Munn, Akemi Look and Daniel Dae Kim spoke out after 10 people were killed and 10 others injured following a shooting in Monterey Park on Saturday night.

They are among many Hollywood figures of Asian descent mourning the victims of the tragedy, which unfolded inside the Star Ballroom Dance Studio on West Garvey Avenue, near the site of a Lunar New Year festival that took place that same day. day. Authorities have not determined a motive for the attack in Monterey Park, a city of 61,000 in the San Gabriel Valley that is 65% Asian-American and 27% Latino.

Asked if the case was being investigated as a hate crime, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said: “Everything is on the table.”

“For those unfamiliar, Monterey Park is a city in Los Angeles County that is majority AAPI. It is home to Asian American families, parents, grandparents, siblings, sons and daughters, aunts and uncles. All of whom were looking forward to ringing in the New Year this weekend.” Liu tweetedstar of Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”

“I am shocked, saddened, angry and heartbroken for the families that have been affected tonight. Please use the responses here to post more information as it comes out, as well as any verified fundraisers for victims. I would like to give what I can.”

“Star Trek” alum Takei and “Crazy Rich Asians” actor Jeong also took to Twitter to express their grief and offer condolences to those directly affected by the violence.

“Just heard the horrible news from Monterey Park, CA. An entire community torn apart by gun violence and death, in what should have been a joyous Lunar New Year celebration.” Takei wrote. “There is no known reason yet. But we must act to end the killers’ ability to take so many lives in such brutal ways.”

“My heart goes out to all those affected in #montereypark,” Jeong wrote. “Nonsense. This has to stop now.”

On Sunday morning at the Sundance Film Festival, “Lost” and “New Amsterdam” star Kim commented on the incident and encouraged members of the Asian-American community to seek “advice and support.”

According to Deadline, Kim attended the festival to celebrate the launch of the Sunrise Collective, made up of her production company, 3AD, and two organizations that support Asian American and Pacific Islander communities: Gold House and the Asian American Foundation. In a sentence shared on social mediaGold House confirmed that a relative of one of its staff members “is among the victims” of the Monterey Park shooting.

“This is something that, going into the celebration and the festivities, is worth noting because this is the reason Sunrise House and Sunrise Collective were formed,” Kim said at the festival.

“We are here to celebrate our achievements, but also to provide a place of community. And with a tragedy like this, several of our members who are working on staff are actually from the area. … This is the heart of why we exist. … We are here for our community today.”

Kim also referred to the shooting in Twitter, typing, “On a traditional day of celebration, today is also marked by tragedy. We often talk about the term ‘community’. As important as it is that ours come together in moments of celebration, it is perhaps even more important to be there for each other in moments of loss. …Today, as is too often the case, my heart goes out to all the victims of gun violence in America, and especially the victims of #montereypark.”

On Instagram, “The Gateway” star Munn and “Moon Manor” actor Look shared news coverage of the attack and offered words of support for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

“Incredibly sad,” Munn wrote. “Thinking of our #AAPI community.”

“Shocked and devastated by this news,” Look wrote. “To my community: reach out, don’t process this alone. Keep your family and friends close. Sending love to anyone who lost someone last night in the mass shooting. Please keep them in your thoughts.”

Others who made public statements after the shooting include fashion designer Prabal Gurung, musician Goh Nakamura and “Little Fires Everywhere” author Celeste Ng.

“I want everyone to read until they’re fired up like the entire #aapi community has for a long time.” Gurung wrote. “I’m not just talking about this particular incident. Hate attacks on the AAPI community have been going on for a while. We have been shot at and traumatized continuously. Silence and apathy do not help. We talk about it incessantly until everyone listens, watches and internalizes because it could be your community next. The winds of hate, without direction, see no race. One day they might be blowing your way.”

“I just can’t handle this sad, hate-filled world we live in” Nakamura wrote.

I want to wish you a happy year of the rabbit. I want to show you the meatballs that I made from scratch yesterday. Instead, I’m in shock. Processing,” wrote. “We don’t ‘know’ if it’s a hate crime. But: At an Asian-owned club, at a Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, in a very Asian area, on Lunar New Year’s Eve. I am preparing myself, as others have said.”

Times staff writers Summer Lin, Jeong Park, Rebecca Ellis, Richard Winton, Jany Libor, Rong-Gong Lin II, Julia Wick, Hayley Smith, Debbie Truong, and Grace Toohey contributed to this report.

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