Marvel’s Leaked Agatha Logo Looks Eerily Familiar

Marvel’s Leaked Agatha Logo Looks Eerily Familiar

Any hint of a new logo sends Marvel fans into a frenzy of anticipation and speculation. But the recent discovery of a logo for the upcoming show Agatha: Coven of Chaos has created more buzz than most because the graphic appears to be an exact replica of the logo belonging to a recent HBO blockbuster: Mare of Easttown. And even stranger, the title of the Marvel show appears to have changed.

Shared by the Agatha star Joe Locke on his Instagram stories (now deleted), the logo is exactly the same in almost every element, from its italicized font to the way the title is laid out. See it below. We’re not sure this one has the chops to make our best Marvel logo list.

Agatha's Chaos Coven Logo

(Image credit: Joe Locke via Instagram)

The logo is titled “Agnes of Westview” and Locke posted it along with the caption “ahhh what’s going on,” a statement that perfectly sums up the sentiments of fans online. While the similarity might not be intentional (designers know all too well the dangers of unconsciously mimicking a logo you’ve seen many times), fans are convinced there’s some sort of hidden meaning to be interpreted here; after all, they are almost identical in title. format, layout and typography.

Two logos Agatha and Mare from Easttown

Mare of Easttown logo (top), Agatha logo (bottom) (Image credit: Joe Locke/HBO)

Some fan theories dismiss the Mare reference entirely, from another series name change (Agatha: Coven of Chaos started out as Agatha: House of Harkness), to the simple premise that the series will be set in Westview (a MCU City). Others mull over the deleted aspect of the Instagram Story, claiming it’s because the photo revealed too much, but if the post was a Story it would have been automatically deleted anyway, so we’re not sure it’s a big deal. mystery.

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