Interstate changes the name of the broadcast media agency Aurora

Interstate changes the name of the broadcast media agency Aurora

A “nearly invisible” wordmark and Northern Lights-based color gradients seem to highlight the content and reflect the agency’s ability to adapt to client needs.

Creative agency Interstate has rebranded sports, adventure and lifestyle video production agency Aurora to allow the agency to “present with confidence” its body of work.

Interstate worked on brand strategy and positioning, creating a new brand identity and visual update, a custom website, and branding implementation for the film’s content.

With a philosophy of life at full speed, the agency has been working with sports and events for over a decade, creating live, digital, branded and original content for clients including FIFA, Formula E, The Classic at Silverstone and SailGP. While continuing to produce this work, Aurora now seeks to create original feature films and documentaries.

Interstate founder and partner Jayne Connell describes “an energetic creative drive and a desire to do things differently” that allows Aurora to adapt to her “clientele, environment and audience.”

For the brand update, discussions with the client sought to find a home to confidently present its ten years of work cohesively “and in all its glory,” says Connell. She adds that a new custom website was created while the project also sought to “realign the visual brand with the new strategic direction.”

A key idea behind the design and strategy is to “immortalize the moment”. “The light displays of an aurora are never the same,” says Connell, with constantly changing colours, movement and patterns creating “an epic spectacle to experience, perceive and remember”.

The use of color gradients, going from black to solar red, atomic green and ionized blue, is inspired by the aurora borealis. Its colors, Connell explains, “do not appear flat, but rather like a spectrum in motion.” However, these are only used in glimpses, “to allow variety, interest, and flexibility in composition.”

The new Aurora wordmark is a bespoke block that has an authoritative weight but remains “human with soft edges and elegant, considered typesetting,” says Connell. It manages to be both bold and understated: it appears “almost invisible” and allows the content to “speak for itself,” she adds.

In terms of typography, Aurora now uses a primary Riforma font from Lineto, while client-based content is given visual distinction using Omnibus’ Archivo Black secondary font.

“We are proud of the caliber of our clients and the graphic treatment to present them should reflect that,” says the Aurora team.

Another element is the AMW team patches, which refer to the former name of the company, Aurora Media Worldwide. These are used in internal communications and on staff clothing, designed as a “badge of honor for the Aurora team” as they work on projects around the world.

All images are courtesy of Interstate.

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