HOUSE and FRIDAY THE 13TH Reboot in Development From Original Producer Sean S. Cunningham — GeekTyrant

HOUSE and FRIDAY THE 13TH Reboot in Development From Original Producer Sean S. Cunningham — GeekTyrant

Horror film producer and director Sean S Cunningham has some exciting new film projects in the works. He is remaking two of his classic horror movies: Friday the 13thwhich he directed, and House, which is one of my favorite horror movies from the ’80s. In fact, we talked about it on our podcast, Secret Level. On top of that, he’s developing an original movie titled The Night Driver. He is working alongside the writer. jeff locker and director jeremy weiss about these upcoming projects.

Locker explained in an interview with Bloody-Discusting: “Sean hired me to do a rewrite on the night driver and after working closely with director Jeremy Weiss and him on it, we naturally got to talking about Friday the 13th Y House. Jeremy and I launched the reboot of our dreams of Friday the 13th – with Sean’s blessing to continue to develop it with him.”

When it comes to the Friday the 13th franchise, there have been some legal issues regarding rights for a few years. But there is also a prequel series in development titled crystal lakewhich is being developed with the original screenwriter Victor Miller Y bryan fuller (Hannibal).

Locker spoke about that, saying, “Obviously the prequel TV series has reignited interest in a new movie, so we hope the surrounding excitement will inspire both sides to come together and bring us Jason to the big screen again for the first time.” time in 14 years, but we also have a Plan B for a sequel to the original that we think fans will love and should avoid any legal entanglements.”

Regarding the reboot HouseLocker says it will be a reimagining of the 1985 movie, offering some plot details and saying it will bring back some familiar monsters. There is also an “accompanying video game concept”.

He said: “The House reboot is both an update and a reinvention of the classic series, which centers around the birth of a haunted house. Lots of great scares and howling laughter across the screen, plus we’re bringing back some of your favorite monsters from the original for some seriously funny but equally terrifying deaths. I’m working on the script as we speak and all I can say is that I’m having a LOT of fun.”

I’m not really interested in Friday The 13th anymore, that franchise has gone under. But I can’t help but be a little curious about the movie House. With the story telling of the birth of a haunted house, it sounds like an intriguing origin story idea. There’s some teaser art for that below.

Then there’s The Night Driver, and about that, director Jeremy Weiss quips, “The Night Driver is a movie about an everyday salesman who regularly drives across the country selling pharmaceuticals. One night on a back road he comes across a madman who seems to be following him, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. All he wants to do is get home to his family alive at all costs; and when he finishes, he realizes that he either escaped the terror or followed it home.

Weiss went on to say, “Working on The Night Driver with Sean and Jeff was a great experience, as the momentum picked up we were looking at what projects could be next in line. As a horror nerd through and through, Friday the 13th and House were naturally the next place I wanted to head to. Jeff not only felt the same way, but he had very similar ideas about where to take both franchises.

What do you think of the reboots of House Y Friday the 13th?

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