Floating ceiling and art-deco chandeliers set the stage for the Prada show

Floating ceiling and art-deco chandeliers set the stage for the Prada show

AMO, OMA’s creative and research studio, added a retractable roof to the Fondazione Prada that moved to reveal a series of art deco chandeliers for Prada’s Fall Winter 2023 menswear show.

Located inside the Deposito, a vast concrete-clad warehouse-style space at Milan’s Fondazione Prada, the Fall Winter 2023 show took place during Milan Fashion Week on Sunday, January 15, 2023.

Prada Fall Winter 2023 Men's Fashion Show Interior Image
Prada’s Fall Winter 2023 menswear show unveiled during Milan Fashion Week

“For Prada’s Fall Winter 2023 menswear show, AMO has conceived a set design that transforms as the public attends the show, altering the perception of space within the Deposito at Fondazione Prada,” said AMO.

“The room is left empty, filled only with rows of concrete-lined benches.”

Image of models at the Prada Fall Winter 2023 Men's Fashion Show
The set was designed by AMO

Before the show began, the hall resembled a dimly lit concrete bunker, 2.7 meters high and decorated solely with rows of concrete benches.

As the models entered the room, the ceiling slowly began to rise, revealing a mist of brilliant light from a series of square openings in its surface.

Set photo at Prada Fall Winter 2023 Men's Fashion Show
A levitating ceiling revealed three-tiered chandeliers.

From here, three-tiered chandeliers, made of translucent ribbed polycarbonate sheets, revealed themselves from within openings in the ceiling and illuminated the concrete art storage space as the ceiling continued to rise.

The movable ceiling worked as a result of a series of chains attached to motorized systems that raised and lowered the false ceiling from box beams along the original ceiling of the Depot.

At its final height, the ceiling reached thirty feet high and showcased 16 Art Deco chandeliers suspended above the catwalk, Prada’s latest Fall Winter 2023 menswear collection, and their audience.

The chandeliers revealed the entirety of the room and the orange-painted structural beams that flank the walls of the Deposito, as well as ribbon and installation-marked floors from sets from previous Prada shows, such as its Spring Summer 2019 show, and various exhibits

Prada Fall Winter 2023 Men's Fashion Show Image
The ceiling rose to nine meters high.

After reaching a maximum of thirty feet in height, the ceiling began to return to its initial height, restoring the concrete room to its cold, dimly lit bunker form.

“During the show, the ceiling rises, revealing a series of 10-foot-tall chandeliers, designed to reference a classical form with an industrial materiality, and then retreats back to its initial position.”

“The proportions and atmosphere of the room change almost imperceptibly from a dark, low-ceilinged room to a warm, monumental lounge-like space, and vice versa.”

Image of the platform system at the Prada show
The set winked at Prada’s Spring Summer 2016 show

The outfit also gave a nod to AMO’s previous outfits for Prada.

He drew parallels to AMO’s 2015 set for the Italian fashion house’s Spring Summer 2016 show, which saw translucent “stalactites,” similarly constructed from translucent sheets of polycarbonate, suspended above curved rows of seats. of concrete.

photo of a model
The collection was designed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons

Prada is led by Italian designer Miuccia Prada and Belgian designer Raf Simons, who joined the house as co-creative directors in 2020. In 2022, Simons unexpectedly announced the closure of his 27-year-old namesake label.

At this season’s Paris Fashion Week, Saint Laurent presented its Fall Winter 2023 menswear show at Tadao Ando’s revamped Bourse de Commerce.

Photography and video are courtesy of OMA.

Project credits:

Partner: Rem Koolhaas
Associated: Julio Margheri
Team: Alex Tintea, Luisa Carvalho, Laura Martinelli

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