Elon Musk still thinks he’s ‘reasonably popular’ on Twitter

Elon Musk still thinks he’s ‘reasonably popular’ on Twitter

There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

This is apparently how Elon Musk views his Twitter antics in relation to his other company, Tesla.

During an earnings call on Wednesday, an investor asked Musk how he planned to mitigate the damage to Tesla’s brand, inflicted (according to some polls) by Musk’s recent political influence and controversial tweets.

Musk gave an interesting answer. “Let me check my Twitter account,” he said. “I have 127 million followers. It’s still growing pretty fast. That suggests I’m, you know, reasonably popular. I might not be popular with some people, but for the vast majority of people, my follower count speaks for itself. I’m the most engaged social media account, maybe in the world, but certainly on Twitter.”


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Musk is right about the number of followers on his Twitter account increasing rapidly. But he doesn’t seem to be aware of, or willfully ignores, the fact that his recent actions on Twitter, including the reinstatement of far-right accounts on the platform, the amplification of conspiracy theories, the banning of journalists from using Twitter without a good reason. , and abruptly changing the rules on Twitter to the detriment of third-party developers (to name a few), are demonstrably(Opens in a new window) damaging the Tesla brand.

It also seems that Musk wants us to think that there is little to no ego involved in this. His use of Twitter, he seems to be saying, is just another way to get people to buy Tesla cars. “I think Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool to drive demand for Tesla, and I really encourage companies of all kinds, automotive or otherwise, to make more use of Twitter and use those Twitter accounts in ways that are interesting. and informative. and entertaining, and it will help drive sales, just as it has done with Tesla,” he said.

While bragging about his Twitter fan count during a Tesla earnings call is embarrassing in itself, Musk’s often mean-spirited behavior on Twitter (in one case that resulted in a lawsuit) shows that his use of Twitter is more than a cold and calculated way to boost Tesla sales. . Instead, it is often Musk’s unfiltered thoughts that become tweets, and some of those tweets, like the infamous “funding secured” tweet, have the potential to cost Musk and Tesla billions of dollars.(Opens in a new window).

Help Musk’s case than Tesla’s quarterly revenue(Opens in a new window) it was better than expected, rising to $24.32 billion (compared to $17.72 billion in the same period last year). Revenue rose to $3.69 billion, up 59 percent year-over-year, though below analysts’ estimate.(Opens in a new window) of $3.8 billion.

But Tesla investors are getting fed up(Opens in a new window) Musk’s approach to Twitter, both in terms of spending money and spending time on it, and a massive drop in Tesla’s stock price isn’t helping either. Even if Musk’s following continues to rise, if Tesla’s business begins to suffer, Twitter’s “gigantic net worth,” as Musk put it, will be called into question.

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