Britney Spears and Elvis now have a Billboard chart hit together

Britney Spears and Elvis now have a Billboard chart hit together

In a highly unlikely turn of events that few could have predicted, Britney Spears and Elvis Presley now have a Billboard draw hit each other.

The two musicians debut their surprising collaboration on this week’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart, a Billboard ranking that lists the electronic and dance tunes that reach the largest audience in the US in each frame. The pair are credited together on the tune “Toxic Las Vegas,” which opens at number 26 on the 50 spot chart.

While the song can be attributed to the two stars, it’s likely that neither Spears nor the Presley estate had much to do with the single. It’s something of a mash-up, combining the pop icon’s “Toxic” with the legendary rocker’s “Viva Las Vegas” to create something new and fresh…and incredibly catchy. Producer Jamieson Shaw, who remixed the cuts, is mentioned in the song’s title, but when it comes to artists, the honor goes to the vocalists.

“Toxic Las Vegas” serves as the last song on the Elvis soundtrack, which is paired with the film of the same name by Baz Luhrmann. The original album dropped in June and has continued to rack up streams and sales ever since, thanks in no small part to the success of superstar Doja Cat’s lead single “Vegas.” This latest cut appears on the deluxe edition, which will be released early.

This week, Presley hits the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart for the first time, an incredible feat considering he’s been gone for over 40 years. For her part, Spears has landed on the electro chart multiple times before, with “Toxic Las Vegas” becoming her eighth win on her tally.

Shockingly, this isn’t even the first time Spears has scored a hit with a mash-up using “Toxic.” Last year, she appeared in a handful of Billboard the charts after musician ALTEGO melded “Toxic” with Ginuwine’s R&B classic “Pony” to similarly produce a new single, one that charted on the R&B charts as well as the competitive Pop chart. Airplay.

Of course, both the original “Viva Las Vegas” and “Toxic” were hits in their own right, separated by many decades. The two charted on the Hot 100 and are remembered as signature tunes by the two artists.

It may seem like the combination of Presley and Spears is strange, and it certainly is, but it’s not out of the ordinary for fans. Elvis soundtrack. The CD, which entered the top 40 of the Billboard 200 and performed even better on a handful of lesser records Billboard rankings, saw contemporary stars like Jack White, Nardo Wick and Stuart Price “collaborate” with the late musician, while other frontrunners like Eminem, Måneskin, Kacey Musgraves and many others put their own spin on some of King’s best. known melodies.

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