Beyoncé’s Dubai concert garnered mixed reactions from fans

Beyoncé’s Dubai concert garnered mixed reactions from fans

Celebrities and influencers alike headed to the United Arab Emirates for the grand opening of the Atlantis the Royal luxury hotel.

The weekend lineup included a private performance by Beyoncé, who returned to the stage for a full concert for the first time in four years.

Beyoncé was reportedly paid $24 million for the concert, and the whole thing has earned her mixed opinions from fans.

Considering Dubai’s incredibly strict laws against same-sex relationships (which can even be punishable by death), many fans were confused why Beyoncé accepted the invite.

Beyoncé, a longtime ally of the LGBTQ community, even celebrated black queer culture with her latest album. Renaissance and dedicated it to his uncle Jonny, who was gay.

And that’s exactly what some of her fans pointed out when talking about acting:

No problem, but I’m struggling to understand why Beyoncé, who has half a billion dollars, would accept $20 million to do her debut performance of the album Renaissance, a record that is heavily elevated from queer culture, in Dubai, a country where LGBT rights are not recognized.

@douglasgrnwd / Via Twitter: @douglasgrnwd

Imagine calling yourself a feminist and then performing for the sheikhs at a Dubai hotel grand opening event, having your dancers dress according to Muslim laws, not singing queer inspired songs, also with Russian guests on the show @Beyonce is always in the top, but this time it’s the top hypocrisy

@homolyoha / Via Twitter: @homolyoha

Beyoncé doing a paid press tour in Dubai doesn’t sit well with me especially with the influences that Renaissance is a queer ballroom culture and it’s illegal and a death sentence to be gay in Dubai like ????

@jokeofajake / Via Twitter: @jokeofajake

Beyonce was paid $25 million to perform at an invite-only party in Dubai. Which shows you how much she gives a shit about the queer culture she appropriated (yes, she appropriated) for Renaissance. What a fucking great record. But…. Bey, what the fuck.

@hermjon / Via Twitter: @hermjon

Meanwhile, some fans defended Beyoncé’s decision to perform, explaining that she was booked for the concert by a private company, not the city of Dubai.

He did business with a hotel… not the government. Lady Gaga has performed a couple of times in Dubai. An artist whose entire discography is inspired by queer culture. Is your fake outrage only reserved for black women? Genuinely asking #dubai #Beyonce

@HoustonMees / Via Twitter: @HoustonMees

Have any of the straitlaced white gays complaining about Beyoncé performing in Dubai ever thought how empowering it is for queer people to see a visibly pro-queer cultural icon perform there in her home country? How inspiring is that? How hopeful is it?

@kaomi_k / Via Twitter: @kaomi_k

As a queer person from a country that does not recognize LGBT rights, I have to say that this is a stupid tweet. Do you want celebrities to boycott entire countries over homophobia? The government wouldn’t care and would only hurt the queer people in Dubai who want to see Beyonce

@NightAmorphous / Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @NightAmorphous

Beyoncé’s performance in Dubai doesn’t affect me or any other queer person in the Western world, which is why fake outrage is so boring right now. A check is a check.

@AK1PAT / Via Twitter: @AK1PAT

Although Beyoncé’s decision to perform has proven divisive, it honestly seemed like an amazing production, and I’m hopeful she’ll be on tour soon!

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