Adam Scott Just Confronted ‘Boy Meets World’ Stars Over Their Treatment

Adam Scott Just Confronted ‘Boy Meets World’ Stars Over Their Treatment

These days, Adam Scott is probably best known for his role as Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreationwhich earned him two Critics’ Choice Award nominations for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

You may also recognize him from his outstanding supporting role in the 2008 comedy film. Step Brothersor for starring alongside Ben Stiller in the secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Most recently, Adam’s performance as Mark Scout in the Apple TV series Breaking off It earned him an Emmy nomination in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

But you may not know that the actor got his big break playing Griff Hawkins on season 2 of the ABC sitcom. boy meets world.

Adam was 21 years old when he joined the series as a recurring cast member, having previously only worked as a supporting actor.

In fact, before landing the role of Griff, Adam had even appeared as a background character in a previous episode of boy meets world.

Griff was hired towards the end of the season to replace Harley Keiner as the leader of the school bullies. Griff was a last minute addition to the show after the actor playing Harley left abruptly because he was struggling with his mental health at the time.

In total, Adam ended up appearing in three season 2 episodes and one season 3 episode.

And while there is no doubt that Adam has managed to make a name for himself far from his boy meets world legacy, revealed this week that some of his experiences on the show had been with him for the past three decades.

On Monday, the actor joined his former co-stars Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle as a guest star on their rewatch podcast, Pod meets the worldwhere he awkwardly confronted them about the way they treated him in the ’90s.

Adam said that he had a memory of Rider that had stuck with him since 1995, and also recalled hearing Danielle tell people that no one on set liked her.

Both anecdotes shocked the stars, and Danielle insisted that the latter had never happened.

Adam kicked off the discussion by saying that once he knew he was going to talk to them on the podcast, he told his family that he was looking forward to “finally” asking Rider about “something that’s been bothering him.” “for 29 years.”

“I don’t know if you remember this, Rider,” Adam began, and Rider nervously replied that he “probably” won’t, as Danielle and Will admitted they were on the edge of their seats.

“This has literally been bugging me for 29 years,” Adam continued, before setting up the scene where he was backstage watching the season 2 finale being filmed with fellow guest stars Blake Soper and Ethan Suplee, who they played Griff’s “lackeys”, Joey. and Frankie, when the incident occurred.

“I was with Blake and Ethan. Rider, you were there with a different group of people, but we were all coming together knowing that the last scene was about to end,” Adam continued.

“The scene ends, everyone breaks out and starts cheering,” he explained. “Blake and Ethan high five and hug each other, they come up to me and high five and they’re just cheering… So Blake and Ethan walk up to you Rider and they high five and hug you and after that I’m like: ‘ Hi, congratulations buddy,’ and high five and come in and hug you.”

“And while I’m doing that,” Adam recalled, “you push me away and give me this look like, ‘Wait a second, who the hell are you?’ and then you ran away.

Rider, Danielle, and Will couldn’t hide their shock at Adam’s revelation and laughed awkwardly when Rider exclaimed, “Are you serious? Why would I do that?!”

Visibly uncomfortable, he went on to insist that he didn’t remember the moment “at all,” to which Adam said, “I’m so glad you don’t remember because to some extent that means it wasn’t a traumatic moment.” experience for you.”

“But I remember saying, ‘Oh no, no, no, no! Sorry! What just happened? No, no no,’” she added.

The podcast hosts continued to express their disbelief as Rider insisted: “OMG no! And that actually doesn’t sound like me at all because I’m usually a hugger!

Adam then theorized that Rider might have been uncomfortable because she was six years older than him, and Rider was only 15 at the time.

“If he was a little boy and I was a strange adult…”, he reasoned. “I, again, had no idea what I was supposed to do. It seemed like we were all supposed to be happy and hug each other, but oh my gosh, it was horrible.”

Danielle agreed that there must be some sort of reason behind Rider’s reaction, but rejected Adam’s suggestion that he was a “weird”.

“There must have been something going on, honestly, because Rider is such a great hugger,” he said. “And you weren’t a complete stranger — it was the Season 2 finale, obviously we’d worked with you for at least four episodes.”

Will then asked, “Have you been putting up with that for 29 years?” to which Adam admitted, “Yeah, and I remember being surprised when I got the call to go and be in Season 3 a few months later because of that, it’s so much fun.”

Later on the podcast, Adam admitted that he may be remembering the altercation as more dramatic than it actually was, saying, “It might as well have been built up and over-dramatized over these last 29 years, who knows? But I can see it, I remember it so vividly, it’s so crazy.”

Danielle also prompted Adam to tell another story about his time on the show, which he had previously mentioned in a 2011 interview with Vulture.

Knowing immediately what he was referring to, Adam said, “Okay, so I read some message boards – this was in the early days of the internet, obviously, it was like 1995.”

“I remember going there and being so thirsty for recognition from anyone who knew I was on TV,” he continued. “I think I read somewhere, someone said, ‘Well, I heard Topanga doesn’t like Griff,’ is that the story?”

“I think what you heard was that I told someone that nobody likes you,” Danielle clarified. “Someone wrote on a message board: ‘Well, I know someone Danielle goes to school with, I know someone who knows Danielle and says no one likes her.’

“Which I can guarantee you is not true,” he insisted. “For one thing, that just wasn’t true. No one liked you, that was not the situation. The second reason was because I didn’t talk about boy meets world at school. If someone asked me a question, I would, but it wasn’t cool to be out of school all the time.”

“And I was in a new school, I would have been in seventh grade at the time,” Danielle continued. “So I wouldn’t be in school like, ‘Well, we’ve got this new guy, Adam Scott, nobody really likes him…’ I’m not having those conversations as a 13- to 14-year-old in high school.”

Adam later confessed: “I also have to say, reading that I was like… But also at the same time, there was a little bit of excitement because I was being talked about on the internet in reference to the show that I was on.”

Despite the confrontations, Adam’s appearance on the podcast was lively and saw the four stars hit it off incredibly well, with the hosts still unable to get over what Adam had said after he left the chat.

“What an idiot,” Will exclaimed as soon as she was gone. I mean you Rider.

“I can’t believe that story, it’s so weird!” Rider agreed. “So it’s not me, but I have no idea… Or was I just insecure and looked at him? I might have been kidding, but that doesn’t really sound like me. I do not know what happened.

“You’re a hugger,” Will replied. “You are known as a hugger!”

“Exactly! And I feel like in a situation like that, I would have been running around hugging everyone because that’s exactly what I did,” Rider said. Maybe someone called me and I ran out and he was in a weird ‘oh, okay…’ moment? That sucks.

Then Danielle remembered the moment she read the Adam’s Vulture interview and realized for the first time how he felt about the show. She said: “I read that article, that someone asked you about boy meets worldand I was really excited to see what he had to say and he was like, ‘Well, I felt really uncomfortable there, I don’t think anyone liked me.'”

“And they said ‘why did you feel that way?’” Danielle continued. “And he said, ‘Well, I read on a forum once that Danielle told someone that nobody liked her…’ And I said that’s not true! I really wanted to correct it!”

In the interview, which was published almost 12 years ago, Adam said: “I was always checking the message boards, which were still kind of mysterious, and I remember reading that someone posted that they were friends with the girl who played Topanga and Topanga had told her to this person that no one on the show loved me very much.”

“And I remember being crushed,” he continued at the time. “But it also all made sense, because I was definitely outside of what was going on there. They were all friends and I was in there for a bit and hanging out with Blake and Ethan. I didn’t know if it was real or not, but I felt like it was. The internet or these message boards were still small enough to seem genuine. And sure enough, the next episode they ruled me out.”

Oh. It may have taken nearly three decades, but at least Adam has now managed to get the closure he needed!

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