Adam Scott confronts Rider Strong about the ‘Boy Meets World’ incident

Adam Scott confronts Rider Strong about the ‘Boy Meets World’ incident

Griff thought he had been too abrupt.

Adam Scott, who guest-starred as high school bully Griff Hawkins in some early episodes of “Boy Meets World.””, he finally confronted two of the show’s stars about a lingering feeling that has “literally been throwing him away” for “29 years”.

The “Severance” star appeared in Danielle Fishel, strong rider and Will Friedle’s podcast “Pod Meets World” Monday in which the three stars of “Boy Meets World” rewatch and chat about their experiences on the ABC family sitcom that ran from 1993 to 2000.

And things got really awkward around 42 minutes into the podcast episode when Scott confronts Strong and Fishel about how he always thought they didn’t like him, and he felt partly to blame.

Scott recalled filming a scene that wrapped up season 2 of the series: After his scene was filmed, everyone started celebrating the season finale, and in the spirit of the moment, he began hugging some of his co-stars.

Scott said that when he went to hug Strong, the actor who played the bad boy, heartthrob Shawn Hunter, responded to the gesture in a strange way.

“I walk in and hug you, and as I’m doing that, you push me away and give me this look like, ‘Wait a second, who the hell are you?’ And then you run away,” Scott reminded Strong.

In response, Fishel, Freddie and Strong couldn’t hide their shock at Scott’s revelation and laughed awkwardly when Strong exclaimed: “Are you serious?! Why would I do that?!”

Ryder went on to say that he had “no recollection” of the incident.

“I’m so glad you don’t remember that because to some extent that means it wasn’t a traumatic experience for you,” Scott said, referring to the fact that Scott was 20 at the time and Strong was a young man. Teen.

Scott said he felt very weird about Strong’s response because “he was a little kid and I was a weird adult” and was “shocked” when the show asked him to return for an episode in season 3 a few months later.

Fishel, who played Topanga Lawrence on the show, prompted Scott to open up about a rumor involving her, which Scott had previously mentioned in a 2011 interview with Vulture..

Knowing immediately what Fishel was referring to, Scott explained the situation.

“Okay, I read some message boards – this was in the early days of the internet, obviously, it was like 1995,” he said. “I remember going there, and being so thirsty for recognition, for someone to know I was on TV. I think I read somewhere, someone said, ‘Well, I heard Topanga doesn’t like Griff,’ is that the story?

For Fishel’s response, listen to the rest of the episode here..

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