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Is there no clearance warning device at Long Grove bridge because ‘someone thinks it would look goofy?’ – Chicago Tribune

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All about aesthetics?

The covered bridge in Long Grove keeps getting destroyed every other month. I find it a bit comical to be honest, but can officials put some kind of warning — maybe a clearance warning you see before driving into parking garage or drive-thru window — like a block away? If you hit it, you know you are not going to pass through the bridge. Or, is it all about aesthetics? Someone thinks it would look goofy, so they will not do it?

Must be stopped immediately

I listened to the painful interviews of the survivors of the Canadian Catholic schools. The whole idea that a religion denies sex for their nuns and priests and puts them in charge of young children is preposterous and archaic. This practice must be stopped immediately.


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Like it or not, America is a multi ethnic, diversified country and increasingly so every day. We have also become a nation of haves and have-nots, with a shrinking middle class. Our two-party system exacerbates our differences, and tries to rid itself of moderate legislators even in their own party. This is the worst outcome for our nation to solve the complex modern problems we are faced with. The best solutions will come from compromise, as they always have in America. But first we have to vote these extreme politicians out of office. Vote for RINOs and DINOs.

Ignorant, misinformed people

To the contributor who is blaming Biden for not enough white men in commercials. Really? Hey listen, I don’t care for the current president either, just like I didn’t care for the one previously. But come on now, let’s not be that ignorant to think presidents control commercials. Good grief, they can’t even control their own administration. Stop that nonsense talk. Ignorant, misinformed people might actually believe you.

Get some glasses

Would somebody please get Joe Biden some glasses so maybe he and the rest of the dumbocrats can see what’s going on.

Do something

Everybody blames the mayor for what’s going on in Waukegan. I blame the citizens. If you see something, then report it. Don’t cover it up. Don’t keep it all to yourself because your cowards. The city can be great again. It used to be a great city. What happened to Waukegan? I don’t care if it’s picking up a piece of paper in your neighborhood, do something.

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