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RFID Protection, Device Tracking, & More

With so much to keep track of when leaving the house, it is a constant worry that I have lost my phone or key or even my wallet. There is perhaps no worse feeling in the world than losing your wallet and having to freeze your credit cards in a panic or even more tragic than that, realizing you will also have to wait in line at the DMV to get a new driver’s license as well. With so many vital belongings being housed in a wallet, having a smart wallet that does more than just hold your cards and cash is a worthy investment to keep you protected against digital pickpocketing.

Smart wallets are the best way to protect and keep track of your belongings from your phone. Some smart wallets are equipped with device trackers (almost like a Tile tracker) that are integrated into the design of it so if you ever misplace your wallet, you’ll be able to check where it is almost immediately. Other smart wallets also come with unique features such as RFID blockers to protect your credit cards and quick card retrieval tools, which are especially helpful if you travel internationally frequently. With that in mind, here are some of the best smart wallets you can buy right now.

One of the most stylish and technologically sound options you can buy, the Ekster Parliament Wallet is designed for minimalism in your pocket as well as protection for your items. The smart wallet comes with a built-in RFID blocker to protect your credit card from scammers. Additionally, you can add a solar-powered tracker to the wallet that will always give you the exact location of the wallet no matter where you are. The Ekster Parliament also comes with an aluminum cardholder that will automatically fan out your cards at the press of a button for the easiest possible access.

An affordable and minimalistic choice, the Aiuwo Credit Card Holder sets itself apart from other wallets by being designed specifically to hold an Apple Airtag. While it does not come with its own tracker, the snap-open Airtag holder is built right into the side of the wallet, so this smart wallet is really built for users who have or plan to buy an Airtag. The smart wallet is made out of carbon fiber and comes with a magnetically-held folding center. The wallet also has a specific cardholder segment that will mechanically slide out all the cards when you want them.

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

Created with a more classic foldable design, the Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet comes chock full of unique features. In addition to the RFID blockers, the smart wallet has a number of folds specifically for flat bills and coins. Furthermore, the wallet has added protection to the cardholders to prevent any unnecessary bending or damage. One of the most unique qualities that Bellroy offers is two distinct sizes of the wallet depending on the size and height of the cash bills you use. So, if you live in a country with taller bills than the American Dollar, you can also buy with a wallet without them sticking out of the top.

The Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip

If you are looking for something that is slim and minimalist, there are very few options that are as well-suited for this style of wallet as the The Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip. This wallet is designed to be as thing as possible without losing storage capabilities. The Ridge can still hold up to 12 cards at once and comes with a detachable money clip for all other bills as well. In addition to RFID blockers, the smart wallet is also guaranteed to last for life with the Aluminum exterior holding up well to heavy stress.

While not a traditional wallet, the Tile Slim Tracker can make any wallet that you currently own a smart wallet by simply sliding it into any cardholder. The tracker made by Tile is designed like a card to fit directly into luggage slots and wallets so you will never fear losing your belongings. Through the Tile app, you can automatically check where your wallet is at all times and use voice assist to quickly check its location or even begin sending out the sound signal from the Slim. Furthermore, the Tile Slim Tracker is water-resistant and durable to damager even if your wallet is dropped or falls into water.

Made in the foldable style, The Andar Apollo Wallet is a more classic design while still having a number of modern features such as RFID blocking and an interior money clip to reduce the bulk of having an additional fold while still keeping your cash out of the public eye. The wallet can also hold up to 10 different cards and comes in both black and brown. Furthermore, the wallet comes with a completely visible ID window sleeve which many of the more modern designs lack due to a focus on slimness.

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